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7 reasons CareMATRIX can help you find appropriate senior housing

appropriate senior housing

We get asked this all the time: What can CareMATRIX do for me? Why should I contact Teresa with CareMATRIX to help me navigate senior housing for my aging relative? To put it bluntly–you shouldn’t have to do this alone. Finding appropriate, affordable housing for your aging relatives is not a simple task. If it were, Teresa wouldn’t be here!

Whenever we’re asked this question, we have 7 reasons that we discuss with those who contact us.

7 reasons CareMATRIX is a great resource:

  1. Knowledge of all of the Independent, Assisted Living and Memory Care communities in Omaha, Fremont and surrounding towns. We’ve visited them, done our research on them all…so you don’t have to.
  2. Teresa takes the stress out of the process so you can focus on your loved one and your personal life.
  3. Our goal is to move people once! We do this by understanding the client’s financials and specific needs. Glitzy, biggest, and most expensive are not always the best solutions. Glitzy, biggest, and most expensive are not always the best solutions. Click To Tweet
  4. Our focus is service! We provide great service because we are locally owned and know the Omaha metro market inside and out. We don’t have a corporation driving our focus – our clients drive the direction.
  5. We are a FREE service to our clients!
  6. We do all the leg work so the clients can focus on family!
  7. We coordinate and attend all tours with you. Our role is to ask questions involving the care of your loved one! Do you know what to ask on tours?

Ready to get some real assistance?

What are you waiting for? Contact Teresa today to learn how to make this process less stressful.

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